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About Design Studio LL

We all love nature on this planet earth. We cherish life in mother earth as it represents itself in the freshness of morning mist on our faces, the sound of river drifting far behind the tall trees, the smell of the soil and wood, the ecstasy of seeing a meadow carpeted by vividly colored flowers, and dancing of bees, and butterflies with the flowers in the wind. The way we at Rouz illustrate our admiration for the planet is by taking action one step at a time. Actions that save the earth from harm's way simply by mimicking mother nature. We do this by application of our knowledge in the design process of the projects, creating small nature pockets as part of any developments.


Rouz Design Studio LLC (ROUZ) is a small business that provides services including land planning, landscape design, stormwater management design, and feasibility studies. Our team is experienced in Montgomery County, Prince Goerges county and city of Rockville in Maryland. By including both civil engineering and landscape design services within one firm, through all stages of a project, from conceptual design to final construction, we are able to offer our clients a level of support, coordination, and response that is unmatched in the industry. Our team members inspired by mother nature , will create sustainable designs that connect the people with their built environment while minimizing the impact of developments on nature.  Rouz is committed to deliver sustainable, cost effective, and budget friendly designs on time.  




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Our Team

Shahrouz Ghani

Landscape Designer

Melifan Parandoush, PE

Civil Engineer

Melifan WO BACKGROUND_edited_edited_edit

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